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My Completed Bucket List

Permalink 20. Call my parents once a week
I have this extreme problem where I forget to call my parents. I will tell them that I am going to call and then I either forget or get distracted with something else and don’t do it. I feel really bad and know that they deserve to  hear from me more often. 
I really want to make sure that before I die, I call them once a week at least, every week (unless there are very particular circumstances that make that impossible). I want them to know that I will always love them and that I am thinking of them often.
Permalink 19. Get Married
To be honest I haven’t ever had a very long relationship, so I don’t know how this one will really turn out. I really do want to be married though. I am secretly a romantic at heart (honestly I think everyone is). I really want not only the fairytale wedding but also the fairytale marriage. I just want to find someone that I genuinely love, am attracted to, and can be myself around. Is that too much to ask? 
I believe not
Permalink 18. Start a Tradition
I have finally fully completed something on my list… well… sort of. I joined a sorority this year (shocker, right) and I absolutely love it. I joined Phi Mu and I am not the stereotypical sorority girl, but it truly does feel like home to me. I love it and love my Phi Mu family, especially my big, Emily and my grand big/biological sister Caitlin. 
The point of this entry though is to tell you about our tradition that I started. Everyone in our family will have the same lion charm necklace. It may seem trivial and dumb and totally unimportant, but to us it has deep meaning. It means more than sisterhood and a deep bond but bravery and strength. Don’t judge, but remember and create.
Permalink 17. Volunteer for an Organization that Aids those with AIDS
I have become increasingly interested in this issue in the past few years. I have always wanted to volunteer for an organization that supports people with AIDS, but haven’t really had the time. I really want to help, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.
I don’t have much to say about this post. It is a simple idea with little explanation needed.
Permalink 16. Save a Life
I don’t want to necessarily do something as dramatic as save someone that is drowning. I just want to save someone; whether that be by preventing a suicide or making someone stop smoking or by taking the keys from someone that is drunk. Just a simple contribution to the world that will save a life.
I don’t want to be a hero. I just want to know that when my life ends, I have tried to help others keep theirs. It is more-so for my own peace of mind. It would also make an awesome story to tell others. It is one of those things that I just want to do because I want to do it.
Permalink 15. Travel to every continent
This is another one of those stereotypical entries. I feel like there are tons of people that want to do this before they die. I also feel like it is a really cool accomplishment that not many people have the opportunity to do. I hope that someday I will have the chance to do it.
I am really interested in other cultures and I know that it is somewhat unreasonable to think that I will be able to make it to every country in the world before I die. I want to experiences many world cultures though, and I feel as though it would be easier to visit every continent and experience some cultures more in-depth, than to try and experience every culture. I would barely get to spend any time in every country if that was my goal.
Permalink 14. Go Camping for a Whole Week
I have gone camping for small periods of time. Yes, I have been camping for a week before, but that week was spent in cabin with my whole family. I want to spend a week camping in the absolute middle of nowhere. I want to be with one to two people and sleep in a tent or just under the stars. 
I have begun to realize that most of my bucket list has consisted of really earthy, natural things. I don’t really know what this means. Read into it what you want, but this is what I want to do before I die.
Permalink 13. Discover my true beliefs (covert!)
I was raised Roman Catholic my entire life. I grew up inside the Catholic bubble, but many of my friends are of varying faiths. I hate being told what I am supposed to believe. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I really want to discover what I truly believe. I want to know which faith is right for me, because I honestly don’t know if it is Catholicism. 
Religion has never even been that big of a deal to me. I think that I am more interested in being a spiritual person. I don’t get much from pure prayer or going to church. I don’t even believe that one religion is entirely right. I believe that as long as you are a good person, then after you die, good things will come to you. I think there truly is a higher power, but I am not sure how much control he/she/they actually have. I will never know which religion or parts of religions are right and I will never know what god/gods think is right. I just want to make the world the best place I can while I am still here.
Permalink 13. Become a Vegetarian
I have been doing this off and on for years. Give-up meat for a month or so, then come back to it, then give it up again. I really want to give it up for good and never eat meat again before I die. My sister is a vegetarian and many of my friends, so they are supportive, but for some reason I still find it very difficult to change. I have good reason to though:
saves animals lives
decreases environmental damage
less hormones in our food
it causes less erosion from grazing
decreased red meat is good for your diet
other sources of protein are considered healthier….
the list goes on
Permalink 12. Go green or live off the grid
What will the world be like for our kids or grandkids? for those 10 generations down the line? Will there still be elephants and polar bears, lions and meerkats? Will there be glaciers and islands left?
Environmental advocacy is key to preserving the earth for future generations. I know I do a lot to protect the earth, but I could do so much more. Before I die, I want to protect the Earth as much as I can. I recycle, carpool, go to environmental protection conferences, use energy efficient appliances, and other things, but I can always improve. 
Permalink 11. Live in another city/ state
I consider “living” in another place to happen when you spend at least one month there. I have lived in Lexington, KY which means I have technically lived in another city through my own freewill. I have not gotten to freely choose to live in another state though. I really think that someday I want to live in Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, or a state in the northeast if I can. I want to live someplace with lots of wildlife and natural surroundings. This task will be reserved for a later point in my life though.
Permalink 10. Learn to surf
Surfing seems like a really intense, fun sport. I live in an area where lakes are abundant, but we have no oceans at all and the lakes are not big enough to generate any waves. This greatly reduces my chances of being able to learn.
I know that the guy in the picture is a pro, and believe me, I do not expect to be a professional surfer. I just want to learn the basics that way I will be able to stand-up and ride one small wave. I just need to make it back to the beach first.
Permalink 9. Go mountain biking on the Seneca Park Trail
I have always loved biking, especially mountain biking. The great outdoors, the wind in your face, the speed you get while dodging rocks and cliffs… sounds like complete paradise. 
My best friend and I have been talking about taking our bike to this one mountain bike trail in our local park. We still have yet to do it, so it has officially made it onto my list. This trail is nothing too special. It is definitely a beginners trail, but it is really awesome because it is located right in the middle of a metropolitan city. It feels like you are deep in the jungle or wilderness when you are really right next to highways, subdivisions, and skyscrapers. Quite amazing!
Permalink 8. Plant a tree
I have lived in Kentucky for pretty much all of my life, and I have grown to appreciate the state’s beautiful landscapes. One thing that has greatly disappointed me though, is the way trees are treated as disposable in the state. I have seen, in my short 18 years of life, forests completely destroyed to build new Walmarts or malls. It is not okay.
In honor of all of the lovely forests that have been massacred, I want to plant a tree before I die. Preferably multiple trees. I remember I planted one tree when I was little when my younger sister was born, but I want to plant a tree because I want to and where I want to, completely chosen of free will.
Permalink 7. Visit every state in the United States
States I have already visited that I can remember:
Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Viriginia, Wisconsin
These are only the states that I can remember going to. There are probably more that I just can’t remember. Honestly, we travel quite a bit, but we only go to the same states over and over again. I really want to be able to visit every state before I die. No reason in particular- just to say that I did.